Clinical and forensic psychologist, Dr. Randi Ettner, based in Evanston, Illinois, works with individual private clients to help them determine and realize their own life choices, behaviors, and goals. She tailors treatment to her clients’ needs, striving to find and nurture within them what will be of greatest benefit to them in their quest to feel happy, healthy, and whole.

Dr. Ettner also consults with corporations, professional groups, institutions of higher learning, and litigators, to provide education or expert opinions about:

  • Adult Psychology
  • Transgender Issues
  • Care for Incarcerated/Institutionalized Persons
  • Emotional Stress/Trauma

Dr. Ettner is a world-renowned expert on gender identity, transgender, and transsexualism. She is an invited lecturer at international professional conferences in many countries and throughout North America. She is also an accomplished author of books and professional journal articles, and she has been a guest on Dateline NBC, ABC’s 20/20, and Oprah!  She was the honoree of the University of Minnesota  Program in Human Sexuality’s Randi and Fred Ettner Fellowship in Transgender Health.


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