Dr. Randi Ettner

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
Dr. Ettner (I) with Dr. Leah Schaefer, a colleague of Dr. Harry Benjamin

About Dr. Ettner

Based in Evanston, Illinois, Dr. Ettner works with individual private clients to help them determine and realize their own life choices, behaviors, and goals. She tailors treatment to her clients’ needs, striving to find and nurture within them what will be of greatest benefit to them in their quest to feel happy, healthy, and whole.

Dr. Ettner also consults with corporations, professional groups, institutions of higher learning, and litigators, to provide education or expert opinions about:

  • Adult Psychology
  • Transgender Issues
  • Care for Incarcerated/Institutionalized Persons
  • Emotional Stress/Trauma

Dr. Ettner is a world-renowned expert on gender identity, transgender, and transsexualism. She is an invited lecturer at international professional conferences in many countries and throughout North America. She is also an accomplished author of books and professional journal articles, and she has been a guest on Dateline NBC, ABC’s 20/20, and Oprah! 


desmopressin nasal spray cost Principles of Transgender Medicine & Surgery, 2nd Edition

A practical guide to transgender medical and surgical care primarily intended for physicians and mental health practitioners, but contains very useful information to help transgender people and their allies navigate the complex world of transgender healthcare needs.

This book presents the current state-of-the-art in care and treatment available in this nuanced and evolving multidisciplinary field for transgender patients and clients. Both new and experienced clinicians working with transgender people can benefit from the comprehensive treatment of this interdisciplinary field.

https://cobrass.de/1738-dde30767-100-free-dating-site-in-hong-kong.html Confessions of a Gender Defender

A sensitive and heartfelt exploration of what transgender people experience; informative for families, friends, beginning therapists, and anyone interested in learning more about very human, though widely misunderstood, struggles with gender.

http://www.cepec-tortues.fr/3215-dfr31283-je-contacte-femme-35.html Gender Loving Care

This book provides a compelling review of the state of transgender care at the turn of the 21st century, and a guide to effective psychotherapy for both therapists and transgender people and their loved ones.

Selected Articles

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Ettner, R., White, T., and Brown, G. Family and systems aggression towards therapists. International Journal of Transgenderism, Vol. 12, 2010.

Qualifications and Affiliations

casino with blackjack tables near me Dr. Ettner received her PhD in psychology from Northwestern University.

Northwestern University

tampa casino Nagold Dr. Ettner is a member of:

Tabira online holdem real money Dr. Ettner serves on the Board of Directors of:

New Health Foundation, a non-profit organization founded to assist transgender people.

Dr. Ettner’s professional achievements are honored by the University of Minnesota Program in Human Sexuality’s Randi and Fred Ettner Fellowship in Transgender Health.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health, a non-profit educational professional organization dedicated to promoting evidence-based healthcare standards that best serve transgender people.

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